Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

  • The Dos And Don'ts Of Ordering Food For Delivery Online

    These days, an increasing number of restaurants have begun to offer the option for customers to order their food online, making it more convenient than ever to order your food for takeout or delivery. If you're thinking about using an online service to order delivery to your home, however, there are some important guidelines you'll want to follow to ensure your satisfaction. DON'T Assume a Credit Card is Accepted When you order your food online, you may have the option to pay via credit card at the time of your purchase or pay once the driver arrives.

  • 6 Strange And Delicious Ways To Eat Mexican

    Mexican food is very famous around the world, so you could be forgiven if you believe that you have tried it all. However, for those who are feeling more adventurous, there are more unique Mexican cuisines that you may have never heard of. Some might sound unappealing, but can be surprisingly sweet, spicy and healthy. Jugo Verde Jugo Verde literally means "green juice." The juice is made from whatever green vegetables and fruits that are available during the year.

  • Make the Most of Your Dining Habits In College

    When you go off to college, you are going to be in for an adventure. While you will have many, many hours of studying and schooling ahead of you, there will also be plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure. When you move into your dorm, you should make sure you take extra steps to ensure that you are going to get the most out of the entire dorm living experience.

  • Heart Healthy Fish To Get Next Time You're At A Seafood Restaurant

    Next time you're dining out at a seafood restaurant, choose a dish that is heart healthy. Here are some choices. Oysters Oysters have very low levels of mercury. They are also loaded with nutrients such as zinc, B12 and vitamin C. Oysters are also anexcellent source of omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart. Oysters get their nutrition by filtering algae and other nutrients from the water. As long as the oysters are farmed from a non-polluted water source, they are fine to eat.

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