Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

  • Keep Customers Entertained And Satisfied While Spending Time At Your Bar And Grill

    If you just opened a new bar and grill and would like your new customers to come back to do more business with you in the future, the following ideas can be used to help keep each patron entertained and satisfied. Rotating Schedule Of Entertainers Hire some aspiring entertainers who live in the area to perform at your establishment on a rotating schedule. Magicians, musicians, singers, and dancers can help liven up the inside of your business and keep the interest of each patron piqued so that they will be looking forward to future events.

  • Two Mouthwatering Chicken Burger Recipes

    Burgers are classic bar-and-grill fare, but they may not appeal to your customers who are watching their waistlines. A good alternative to offer is a chicken burger. Since chicken is lower in fat but still flavorful, it will appeal to those who are craving a burger but don't want to unhinge their diet. Here are two delicious chicken burger recipes to add to your restaurant menu. Asian-Inspired Chicken Burgers Flavored with soy sauce, sesame oil and Sriracha, these burgers have an Asian flair that will impress your customers.

  • Creating An Incredible Gluten-Free Pizza

    You've dedicated yourself to a new gluten-free diet, but forgot one thing: you can no longer eat pizza! For many people, this food is going to be an incredibly hard one to give up. Thankfully, it's actually possible to cook your own gluten-free pizza from scratch. And it's totally worth it. Using Almond Flour For The Crust The biggest source of gluten in pizza is the crust, but you can actually create your own gluten-free pizza crust by using almond flour.

  • Restaurants That Prepare And Serve Great Chicken

    It is always great to find a restaurant that serves great chicken dishes. Chicken can be prepared many ways but the common denominator that qualifies chicken as great is that it must be juicy and flavorful. Careful preparation is the way to create flavorful chicken and careful cooking is the way to keep it juicy. If you are looking for a restaurant that serves great chicken, look for a restaurant that prepares and serves chicken in one of the following ways:  

  • Three Food Themes For Your Catered Backyard Cookout

    When many people think of hiring a professional catering service, they mistakenly believe that the event must be formal like a wedding. The good news, however, is that many caterers are also adept at taking care of informal gatherings. If you're planning a backyard cookout this summer and you don't want to spend the entire event standing next to the grill, it's worthwhile to think about hiring a caterer. Whether the event is for just a handful of family members or you're inviting a couple dozens friends, your local catering service can take the work off your shoulders and help you enjoy the event with your guests.

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Training Your Restaurant Crew

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