Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

Keep Customers Entertained And Satisfied While Spending Time At Your Bar And Grill

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If you just opened a new bar and grill and would like your new customers to come back to do more business with you in the future, the following ideas can be used to help keep each patron entertained and satisfied.

Rotating Schedule Of Entertainers

Hire some aspiring entertainers who live in the area to perform at your establishment on a rotating schedule. Magicians, musicians, singers, and dancers can help liven up the inside of your business and keep the interest of each patron piqued so that they will be looking forward to future events. If you do not have much money to hire individuals, ask friends and family members if they would be willing to entertain guests by showing off one of their talents.

Place a small stage in a central location of your bar and grill's interior so that customers will not need to strain in order to watch a performance. Advertise the events that will be taking place in a local newspaper or have flyers printed out that contain information about each one and hang them up in public areas around town so that community members will be aware of them.

Free Snacks And Appetizers

Purchase snacks in bulk from a discount retailer if you are trying to save money for other needs at your business. Fill bowls with chips, pretzels, candy, or similar snacks and place them in the middle of each table and across the bar where alcoholic beverages are served so that customers can take some to consume at their leisure.

Prepare some basic appetizers, such as pigs in a blanket or hot wings and spread them across serving trays. Set the trays on a table that is easily accessible so that clients can help themselves to treats that they enjoy while they are waiting on their meals or beverages to be served.

Drink Specials And Discounted Meals

Offer drink specials regularly, especially on nights that a live entertainer is going to be performing in order to boost business. Switch up the type of drink that is offered at a reduced price regularly so that customers will be inspired to try all of the ones that they have never purchased before. Offer discounted meals for large groups of people or on special occasions. Saving money is always appreciated and may be the deciding factor that encourages people to continue doing business at your establishment.

Strive to keep your customers pleased and continue to implement each of the ideas. By doing so, your bar and grill may become a hit with the locals (just like The Cedar Door) and you may be able to reach the financial goal that you have set for yourself. 


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