Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

Three Food Themes For Your Catered Backyard Cookout

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When many people think of hiring a professional catering service, they mistakenly believe that the event must be formal like a wedding. The good news, however, is that many caterers are also adept at taking care of informal gatherings. If you're planning a backyard cookout this summer and you don't want to spend the entire event standing next to the grill, it's worthwhile to think about hiring a caterer. Whether the event is for just a handful of family members or you're inviting a couple dozens friends, your local catering service can take the work off your shoulders and help you enjoy the event with your guests. Here are some food themes to think about.

Pig Roast

Many catering companies can take care of cooking a whole pig on-site, which will add considerable excitement and visual appeal to your event. Pig roasts are fun to attend because of the anticipation of guests as they smell the food roasting, but taking care of the cooking duties on your own can feel overwhelming. A catering company can not only contribute the specialized cooker and the pig itself, but also the appropriate side dishes — baked beans, corn on the cob and more — that will truly make the event memorable.

Fish Fry

If you and your guests enjoy fish, there's arguably no better way to eat it than at a festive fish fry. Preparing for this event on your own can involve plenty of fish breading, and the cooking process will typically leave you splattered with hot oil. Leave the work to your catering professional — the crew will whip up some perfectly cooked breaded fish fillets, seasoned fries and other sides, such as coleslaw, for you and your group to enjoy.

Mexican Fiesta

Mexican food is immensely popular, and getting your favorite crowd together for a cookout handled by a catering service will leave your taste buds tingling. There are a number of different directions you can take with putting together the menu — an ideal feature includes made-to-order tacos and burritos. The catering company will set up long tables on your deck or in your backyard and present a variety of Mexican-themed ingredients. Your guests can then make their way along the table, select the items they'd enjoy eating and the catering professionals can combine them in tacos or burritos. Add some Mexican beer and Mexican-style deep-fried ice cream for dessert and you've got a party that everyone will remember.

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