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Training Your Restaurant Crew

6 Strange And Delicious Ways To Eat Mexican

یاسمین قاسمی

Mexican food is very famous around the world, so you could be forgiven if you believe that you have tried it all. However, for those who are feeling more adventurous, there are more unique Mexican cuisines that you may have never heard of. Some might sound unappealing, but can be surprisingly sweet, spicy and healthy.

Jugo Verde

Jugo Verde literally means "green juice." The juice is made from whatever green vegetables and fruits that are available during the year. Sometimes, orange or lemon is added to the juice to give it more flavor. One common combination is cactus, pineapple and parsley. One of the best things about this juice is that it is very healthy.


Many cultures eat literally every part of the animal. In Mexico, Tripas refers to the intestines of the animal. This part is cleaned carefully, boiled and grilled. Depending on how soon the tripas are removed from the heat source, they can have a soft or crispy consistency. They can be served with cilantro, chopped onions, chile sauce, guacamole and pico de gallo.


The tamarind might seem like a strange-looking plant, but it is used widely in Mexican cuisine. It has a sweet and sour pulp that is used to make sauces, candies and ice cream. To use the tamarinds, you have to take two ounces of the pulp and combine them with five ounces of hot water. If you are using fresh pods, you will need to remove the pod and the seeds, leaving the meat behind.


Grasshoppers are a routinely eaten snack in Mexico and is an affordable source of protein. It might be difficult to overcome your apprehension at first, but they are delicious when prepared properly, especially when they are infused with chilli. Grasshoppers can also be used in cocktails, pies, mint cookies, ice cream and brownies.


Huitlacoche is something you might never guess is considered to be a delicacy. It is essentially corn fungus. It has a sweet and fermented flavor and is used to make soups and quesadillas. The fungus can ruin several ears of corn and require that the infected corn be destroyed. However, the fungus is preserved and is sold for several times more than regular corn.

Chilli-Powdered Fruit

Fruit is often served with chilli powder sprinkled over it. It might seem like a strange combination, but it doesn't take long to become used to the sweet and spicy flavor.  

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