Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

Heart Healthy Fish To Get Next Time You're At A Seafood Restaurant

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Next time you're dining out at a seafood restaurant, choose a dish that is heart healthy. Here are some choices.


Oysters have very low levels of mercury. They are also loaded with nutrients such as zinc, B12 and vitamin C. Oysters are also an excellent source of omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart.

Oysters get their nutrition by filtering algae and other nutrients from the water. As long as the oysters are farmed from a non-polluted water source, they are fine to eat. The algae they filter out of the water and eat is perfectly safe. Water with dead algae looks bad, and shouldn't be in drinking water, but it isn't toxic.


This fish gets a lot of praise when it comes to health benefits. That's because it is packed with heart healthy Omega fatty acids. It has more than 1500 mg per three ounce serving. The only other fish that come close are herring, mackerel and wild sardines.

It's important to get wild salmon. Farmed salmon has been shown to have a much higher level of PCBs. PCBs are chemicals that have an adverse effect on the body. The farm raised salmon have higher amounts of PCB's because of the feed that the farmers feed them. So make sure you only eat wild salmon.

Wild Sardines

If your only memory of sardines are the salty, oily things on pizza, then you should try wild sardines at a nice seafood restaurant. These fish are a great flavor enhancer. You will often times see them paired with pasta, salad, or rice based dishes. They are also super healthy. They contain 1950 mg per three ounce serving. Also, for people who are concerned about the toxins and sustainability, wild sardines are perfect. They are in low in toxins are not overfished, so there is no danger of them becoming endangered.

Bluefin Tuna

If you're going to a sushi restaurant, then keep an eye out for blue fin tuna. You can either get the lean cuts (akami) or the fatty cut (toro).  It's one of the most prized fish for sushi in the entire world. It is so highly sought after in Japan that there has even been an instance of a businessmen paying over a million dollars for select bluefin tuna specimens.

Besides being very popular and considered a delicious delicacy, it's also rich in heart healthy omega fatty acids. 


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