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Training Your Restaurant Crew

Catering Ideas For Casual Outdoor Wedding Reception

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If you're planning an outdoor wedding reception, there are several factors that you have to take into consideration when compiling your "to-do" list. Put deciding on a caterer and creating a casual-yet-delicious menu that's easy to serve outside at the top. 

While you can serve many of the same food items outdoors as you would in, there are some things that will work better than others. When narrowing down your list of caterers to go with, try to pick one that has experience cooking and serving food in an outside venue, such as a country barn, a friend's backyard, a winery vineyard, a beach, or a local or state park. 

Take advantage of anything that the outdoor venue offers when creating the menu, such as onsite grills or a wood oven. Consider renting event tents in which to keep and serve the food in the case of inclement weather.

Here are some outdoor-inspired wedding reception catering ideas to get you started.

1. Build-Your-Own-Burger Bar

Work with your wedding caterer to put together a build-your-own-burger bar, which is sure to please guests of all ages. Not only will it allow wedding attendees to create their own meals, but burgers are also easy to eat while mixing and mingling outdoors. 

Start by grilling burgers onsite, and set up long, buffet-style tables filled with a variety of different bun options, such as Kaiser and pretzel rolls, and both classic and gourmet toppings. Be sure to include some meat-free, plant-based burger options for the vegans and vegetarians in the group.

Some topping ideas include sliced veggies, such as onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles, and different types of cheese. Don't forget the pesto spread, guacamole, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup as well. You can also grill up some hot dogs or brats for those who don't like hamburgers.

2. Grilled Skewers 

Another way to make use of an onsite or rented grill is by treating wedding guests to grilled skewers. Either ask the caterers to bring premade skewers to the venue or have them made to order during the event. Some skewer ingredient combinations include shrimp or scallops and pineapple, chicken and onions and peppers, or beef and mushrooms. 

Include some all-vegetable skewers as well. Some hearty meat-free alternatives include cubed tofu and portobello mushrooms. As another idea, give guests the choice of glazes or sauces to complement their skewers. Some side dish ideas include fresh garden salads with a choice of dressings, rice pilaf, and baked potatoes. 

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