Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

Indoors, Outdoors, And Halfway Between: Choosing The Type Of Banquet Room For Your Event

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When you rent a banquet or event room, you often have a choice between facilities with rooms that are totally indoors, rooms that are indoors with several large doors that let attendees spill out onto a lawn, and outdoor banquet venues with tents, tables, chairs, and very good pest control. Sometimes your choice is limited by the number of guests you're inviting compared to the number of occupants allowed at the banquet hall, and other times it's the date that limits you as you can choose only from what's available for that day or evening. However, if you're planning well ahead and find a wealth of options, choosing whether to hold the banquet indoors, outdoors, or at a place that offers a combination of the two takes some thinking.

How Confident Are You in the Weather?

First, if you want to hold anything outside, the weather is going to be important. If your event is planned for a time of the year when afternoon storms are a common occurrence, you really will not want an all-outdoor event. You're better off holding an indoor banquet in a traditional banquet room, or at least getting a room where people have the option to be inside or outside. And it's not just storms. Even a sunny, hot day can be unbearable outside for many people, so giving them the option to be inside — or just holding the entire banquet inside — is often more appropriate.

Artificial Light and Cost

Banquet halls and rooms don't really change their cost for providing the basic lighting that comes with the room (meaning, the ceiling lights that are there no matter what). The cost of the electricity used is baked into the room rental fee. However, if you hold your banquet outside, and it will run past dusk so that lights are required outside, then you may find extra lighting charges if you need to have portable lights set up and taken down.

Other Events

Some banquet halls have one hall that you rent out for the entire day; others have a number of halls that can host multiple events at the same building on the same day. For these, you may want to hold your banquet in an indoor space as it will be easier to verify that the people taking food, for example, are really supposed to be there. Note that if you do rent a banquet room at a hall like this, you'll want to ensure there is plenty of parking to accommodate your attendees as well as the attendees for the other events. You do not want your guests fighting over parking spots as it won't start the banquet off very well.

If you've got plenty of time to plan before your banquet, use it well. Contact halls now to discuss the costs and locations of banquet rooms in your area.


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