Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

How To Make Oceanfront Dining Most Spectacular For Patrons

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When you own a restaurant that overlooks the water, it can be a great way to make the experience so much more fun for the people who eat at your restaurant to look out at the water. You can simply line tables and chairs near large windows that overlook the ocean for a classic oceanfront dining experience, but you can do more than this to make the experience truly remarkable.

Here are some ideas you can use to make oceanfront dining more of an experience your diners will never forget. Your goal is to impress your patrons so much that they'll share their unique experience with their family and friends and make a reservation again soon.

Incorporate large aquariums 

While you may think that being able to see the ocean is enough for your patrons, what many of them come to experience is a real ocean experience while they dine. Having large in-wall aquariums placed in eye-catching parts of your restaurant will give guests the whole visual experience of being in an oceanfront restaurant. Have exotic fish and live rock displays in your aquarium.

Install in-wall lighting

Make your restaurant romantically dim and put in wall-flush lighting near tables that are by the ocean. This helps enhance the view of the water, especially at night, and gives patrons a more intimate, sensory-based experience.

You can use this lighting in addition to candles at each table. Candles can have real flames or have artificial flames put in them.

Add a fireplace

A fireplace helps bring out warmth to your oceanfront restaurant and makes for oceanfront dining that is more romantic and cozy and not just about a seafood and water experience. Combining awe of the ocean with the romantic appeal of the fireplace gives guests a more full dining date, and ensures them that your restaurant doesn't just rely on the beautiful views to make eating there extraordinary.

Put in outdoor dining

What's better than having an oceanfront dining experience? Having the same experience over the water where you can smell the salty air, feel the ocean spray, and take in the luscious sunsets while enjoying decadent food. Put in outdoor dining —  you can even charge extra for this seating — to draw in the crowd looking for the ultimate intimate space to dine with the people they love.

With some modifications and improvements, you can make oceanfront dining even more spectacular for your patrons. Incorporate as many of these features as you'd like to give your restaurant a unique appeal.


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