Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

Making Your Wedding Gluten-Free

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Your wedding should first be about what you and your partner want and not about other people's preferences. Once you have included the things you find most important, you can turn to your guests' needs. After all, you want everyone to be happy on your special day. One way to keep the needs of your wheat-sensitive guests in mind is to throw a gluten-free wedding, even if you don't follow the diet yourself.

The Cake

The cake is the centerpiece of your reception, so you certainly do not want to make a "tasteless" choice. You can have a beautiful and delicious gluten-free offering. Wedding consultants recommend several routes. For instance, you can choose to serve cheesecake, a favorite with just about everyone and something that can be made into a lovely centerpiece. Fortunately, many gluten-free bakeries now exist that have many creative and tasty options for your reception. Some bakeries will agree to decorate a gluten-free cake that you or a friend bakes for the wedding. You really have many options when it comes to this important wedding item.


Appetizers are some of the easiest things to keep gluten-free. In fact, your guests need never suspect that this course was designed for a special diet. Consult with your catering company for all your options, but rest assured that you have many from which to choose. For instance, hummus with vegetable dippers is totally gluten-free and a big hit. Deviled eggs and salmon served with potato fingers are a possibility. Consider making cheese a focal point during this part of the proceedings. Cheese wheels, cheese dip, and cheese anything work great as long as you provide wheat-free dippers.


This portion of your wedding meal has almost endless gluten-free possibilities. Consult with your caterer about all the options available. Possible entrees include a sushi bar, various types of steak dishes and poultry. In fact, almost any meat is open to you as long as you don't add gluten to it with the wrong sauces or other additions. Your caterer can take vegetables and fruits and make them into something special. 

A gluten-free wedding can be a thoughtful gesture to your guests on a limited diet, and it can look and taste delicious. Find a caterer who is comfortable working with GF menus, and choose things that will appeal to all of your guests. Keep your wedding about you and your partner but also attend to the happiness and comfort of the people sharing in your day.


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