Training Your Restaurant Crew

Training Your Restaurant Crew

Restaurants To Try If You Love Meat

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If you consider yourself a real meat eater, then dining out can be a great experience where you can try some interesting game or deliciously prepared meat dishes you are already familiar with. As a meat lover, you want to explore the tasty dishes that many types of restaurants can provide, Here are 3 type of restaurants you should dine at to really get the meat juices flowing.

Brazilian Steakhouse

What's not to love about endless platters of skewered, steaming meats? Chicken, pork, and beef in many forms take center stage at these types of restaurants. Known as churrascarias, meats are served grilled on skewers in an all-you-can-eat fashion. Servers roam the restaurant seeking patrons with empty plates to fill them with tasty meat options, such as chicken hearts, pork sausage, steak, and even grilled breads. Some restaurants even allow you to place a colored wooden stick on your table to indicate when you are ready to try something new. There are many popular Brazilian steakhouses all across America that serve meats in this fresh, busy fashion.

Game Restaurants

Popular in rural or agricultural states, game restaurants are gaining popularity among those who love home-cooked meals and barbecue. These restaurants serve a variety of wild and domestic game that you may have never tried before, such as ox, ostrich, and even wild boar. You can also try buffalo, New Zealand elk, and even traditional beef if you aren't quite ready to plunge into something new. Served with decadent and filling sides, such as potatoes and steaming veggies, you can let your taste buds explore on a variety of new meats.

Japanese Eateries

Chinese food may be America's favorite ethnic cuisine, but you are seriously missing out if you have never had a true Japanese meal. The Japanese are known for wasting little, and use creative ways to prepare seafood and other meats in a style you may have never heard of before. Raw fish, beef tendons, and fried meats (including chicken and egg and beef) are popular among Japanese cuisine, served with savory fried noodles and herbs you may not have tried before, like beni-shouga or yuzu.

If you love meat, you don't want to sell yourself short by sticking to the same steak and potatoes meal you are familiar with. Consider changing it up and letting your taste buds explore something new by going to a restaurant that features delicious meats prepared in a way you will never forget. For another great way to eat meat, contact a pizzaria such as Melting Pot Pizza.   


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