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4 Must-Visit Cities For Oyster Lovers

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The humble oyster commands a serious culinary presence around the world, but the United States harbors a particularly large cohort of enthusiasts of the homely mollusk. In fact, you can get fresh oysters in just about any coastal state, prepared a huge number of ways, including fried, baked, stewed, and of course raw. Certain cities set themselves apart from the pack, however, making them excellent candidates for an oyster pilgrimage if your lucky stars align. Here are four American cities that have amazing oyster opportunities, making them prime for visits from oyster lovers of all types. 

Boston, MA

Boston's colonial history extends to its cuisine as much as its famously poorly laid out streets, and oysters have been served up in this town since at least the 1700s, if not long before. The tradition continues strong today, since Boston is home to more oyster bars than you can shake a stick at, and it's just minutes from the world-renowned oyster beds of Duxbury and Wellfleet. 

Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina, is often thought of as Boston's Southern cousin, with an equally emphatic taste for oysters. What makes Charleston unique, however, is that the briny morsels are often served up in the style of good ol' Southern cooking, which makes for a truly unique culinary experience. Like many dishes down South, you can't say you've eaten Charleston oysters until you've tried them fried, or try them in a seafood bucket if you're a purist. 

Seattle, WA

Seattle is an interesting place to get oysters because the city tends to buck trends commonly observed by East Coast eateries when it comes to oysters. For example, rather than serving oysters with just cocktail sauce and a mignionette, Seattle oyster bars tend to incorporate more Japanese influences in their preparations. If you want to see the best that Seattle has to offer, look no further than the kumamoto oyster, which is a favorite for those new to oysters as well as lifetime fans--and the best part? They're cultivated right in Puget Sound. 

New York, NY

Of course, one would be remiss in a discussion about oysters without mentioning the Big Apple. New York City is a prime destination for those who think they've seen it all when it comes to mollusks. This is because New York's incredibly vibrant culinary scene comes together with fresh oysters from just outside the city to create incredibly flavorful and innovative dishes that'll make you rethink the way an oyster should be consumed. 

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